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Car Repair and Service

A well maintained car is safe, trustworthy and will last longer.

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Our trained mechanics will make sure that everything on your car is in order.

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Car Bodywork

A wrecked car needs the touch of an expert.

Detailed bodywork for your car

Our team will repair your car back to its original condition.

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Car Tyres

Tyres for all types of vehicles.

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We offer a wide selection of quality tyres to meet your needs.

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Car Valet

Best treatment service for your car

Care for your car

We offer quality car treatment and finishing for your car.

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Auto Commerce Experts is a modern car garage that offers a full range of services that covers all your needs for your car. Our state of the art facilities in Dhali Industrial Area are fully equipped with the latest machinery and technology in the industry.

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Car Repair and Service

We offer a complete range of services for your car

Engine Diagnostics
Engine DiagnosticsEngine Diagnostics
Lube, Oil and Filters
Engine DiagnosticsEngine Diagnostics
Belts and Hoses
belts hoses

Car Bodyworks

We undertake repairs to your car to bring it back to its original condition.


With thousands of tyres available, choosing the right tyre for your vehicle and individual driving needs may seem daunting. Here is a guide to the different tyres available and the points to consider when choosing your new tyres.

Tyre Size

Firstly, establish your vehicle’s tyre size. You can find this on the wall of your tyre and in your vehicle’s handbook. It looks like this:

tyre size: 195/50 R15 92H

What do the numbers mean?

Section width The width of the tyre in millimetres.
Aspect ratio (Profile) The ratio of the tyre’s width to height, as a percentage.
What do I need to know?
A low profile tyre (short sidewall vs width) gives a firmer ride with better handling, but tends to be noisier and
more expensive than tyres with a higher aspect ratio.
Rim diameter The diameter of the rim which the tyre is to be fitted to, in inches.
Load rating Indicates the maximum load that each tyre can support.
Speed rating The speed rating indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its load rating.

Code mph Code mph
Q 100 V 149
R 106 Z Over 149
S 112 W 168
T 118 (W) Over 168
U 124 Y 186
H 130 (Y) Over 186

Quality and Price

Once you know the right tyre size for your vehicle, you’ll need to think about the quality of tyre that will best suit your needs. All tyres on sale will meet strict safety standards, however a better quality tyre will last more miles and give you a better driving experience.

Car Vallet

We will never deliver a car to a customer without making sure every bit of it is in an excellent condition. Our Car Valet service is the best one around.

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We work with carefully choses partners to ensure the best quality of parts and service .

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